Cauz Coffee Easy and Consistent Aeropress Brew Guide

Easy and Consistent Aeropress Brew Guide

1. Grind 17g of coffee to a medium-fine grind and add it to the Aeropress

2. Place your filter paper in the cap and pre-wet it with boiling water (to get rid of any 'paper' taste)

3. Add 220g water to the Aeropress (or at least fill it to the top)

  • Use 'off-the-boil' water (boil and wait around 30 seconds)
4. Stir around 5 times
  • Top up water to 220g if you couldn't add it all before

5. Add cap to Aeropress and leave to brew for 1 minute

6. Carefully flip onto a sturdy cup and press firm but steadily


  • This brew guide uses the inverted (upside-down) method, so can it be called 'easy'? Well... yes! Brewing using the Aeropress in the inverted method allows you to take your time and ensure consistency. The standard method immediately starts filtering when you pour the water putting you under pressure to do everything within a certain time.

  • Add a dash of boiling water to your cup to pre-heat it

  • Pour the water in circles to help it saturate all the grounds

  • Experiment with brew times versus how hard you press - both affect the flavour of the coffee in different ways

  • If you're a real pro, experiment with grind size versus brew time for even more variation!