Cauz Coffee Easy and Consistent V60 Pour Over

Easy and Consistent Pour Over (Hario V60) Brew Guide

1. Grind your coffee to a medium grind, or use Cauz pre-ground

2. Place your filter paper in the brewer and pre-wet it with boiling water (to get rid of any 'paper' taste)

3. Add your coffee to the brewer

  • Use 15g (1 tablespoon) of coffee per 250g water
  • Reset your scales to zero before you pour your water
4. Add just over 10% of your water to the brewer (that's 30g for a 250g brew, 60g for a 500g brew, etc) 
    • Use water that is just off-the-boil

    5. Stir and leave to 'bloom' for 20 seconds

    6. Gently pour, in circles, the remaining water

    • Try not to pour directly onto the paper
    • Don't pour too aggressively as it disturbs the coffee

    7. Give your V60 a gentle swirl - this takes any grounds off the sides of the paper, settling them to the bottom.

    8. Wait for all the water to drain through (this is called the draw-down), then discard of the coffee and filter


      • We generally pour for 3 seconds, break for 3 seconds, pour for 3 seconds etc. This gives a nice even pour.
      • You'll know you've done a good brew if, after the water has drained through, the remaining coffee is a nice flat 'bed'. Well done!