Children's Burns Trust are a national charity dedicated to providing rehabilitation support for burned and scald injured children and their families, as well as prevention and awareness campaigns for which there is little or no national funding.


With your help they raise awareness of the incidences and causes of burn and scald injury in the UK through prevention packs, campaigns, first aid advice, and newsletters to early years key stage 1-4.


A burn injury is for life. The scars are physical as well as psychological and can present life long challenges. It is their aim to make those challenges easier to bear, helping children and young people to grow up and lead as happy and healthy a life as possible. With your help burn survivors and their families can attend family weekends, burns camps, and the jamboree which is an annual event held in conjunction with the Burns Clubs and Camps Special Interest Group. 


With your help Children's Burns Trust provide help to burn survivors and their family directly after a burn or scald has occurred.