HSK support education in Kenyan schools to empower communities for the future. They work in rural Kenya to support & empower communities; building schools and helping to maintain a quality education through the provision of school infrastructure, school lunches, desks, teacher training, student bursary schemes, water harvesting, sanitation and teaching materials.

School Feeding Programs

The funding support we receive from Cauz is dedicated to the school feeding programs.

School feeding programs are targeted social safety nets that provide both educational and health benefits to the most vulnerable children, thereby increasing enrollment rates, reducing absenteeism, and improving food security at the household level.

Research shows that providing in-school meals, mid-morning snacks, and take-home rations through school feeding programs can alleviate short-term hunger, increase children’s abilities to concentrate, learn, perform specific tasks, and has been linked to an increase in the enrolment of girls. These effects seem to be greater among children who are also chronically undernourished, usually the poorest children.

HSK aims to provide school feeding programs for primary schools in some of the more poorer areas of Gilgil.

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