strive to help families live with Parkinson's.

Parkinson's creates many challenges for both the directly affected individuals and the people they live and work with. The wide variety of symptoms also make it difficult for people to understand the condition, often leaving the person with Parkinson's feeling isolated and misunderstood. 

This is why our families and the wider community are so important to our well-being. While we wait for the longed-for cure, we need to work with the people closest to us to manage our daily lives in the most positive way possible.

This is what Parkinsons.Me is all about.

Parkinson's and your family

The personal impact of Parkinson's is enormous, but it also has massive implications for your spouse, your children and other members of your family.

Receiving a Parkinson's diagnosis will inevitably affect the relationships you have with friends and family. Over time, gradual adjustments will be needed on both sides of a relationship as you each adapt to life with Parkinson’s. Roles may change and as a couple you may find yourselves taking on the role of carer and cared for. It is important to allow time for everyone to adapt and adjust gradually.

Parkinsons.Me can help you find ways to both support and be supported by other family members – to work together as a team to create a ‘new normal’ that will enable your family to function as a positive source of mutual assistance and energy.

This is what Parkinsons.Me is all about.