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Seriously Good Specialty Coffee: 50% of Profits Support The Fight Against Cancer!

Specialty Coffee That Says Screw You To Cancer

Specialty Coffee That Sticks It To Cancer

Specialty Coffee That Tells Cancer To Do One

Cauz Cancer Statement

"Cancer remains the disease that destroys more lives than any other."

We take an active role in making sure the 50% of our profits have the greatest impact possible in the fight against cancer:

  • Funding research
  • Early diagnosis awareness campaigns
  • Supporting/sponsoring fundraising events
  • Emergency treatment support for individuals desperate for help
  • Focused donations

Every penny is spent with the greatest care.

The Other 50%? Invested straight back into Cauz to grow and make an even bigger difference.

Cauz Quality Statement

"Ethically sourced specialty coffee, expertly roasted, and delivered to your door"

We're focused on great quality, that does good, at a reasonable price. So customers can enjoy your coffee, and make a difference, without breaking the bank.

Our coffee is traded in an ethical, environmental and socially responsible manner. 100% specialty arabica beans that are rated at least 82/100.

Our beans are selected and expertly roasted to our specification, meaning consistently cracking Cauz coffee.

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