Rob Lyon, Cauz Founder

Cauz Coffee was created after two horrendous life events inspired me to create a life of purpose and a business that does good in the world.

Westminster Terror Attack

In 2017 I was inches away from death after a car was driven at me during the Westminster Bridge terror attack.

Tragically I witnessed a young mother lose her life, and if not for a warning shout from a friend, I could have so easily have lost my life too. From that moment I knew I wanted a life of purpose, to prove to my little girls Heidi (now 7) and Tilly (now 4), that good will always triumph in a world all too often consumed with hate.

Cauz Clothing before Coffee

Initially I launched Cauz as clothing brand with profits donated to charity, and although it did well, there were two key problems.

I was hell bent on the best quality possible (the clothes were amazing) - but in doing so they’d last so well, and customers wouldn’t need to buy more regularly, in turn the ability to raise more money for charity was hampered.

Secondly (and critically), I knew nothing about fashion. It was a simple platform to create a business, but without a passion for the product, it was never going to succeed as I hoped.

Fast forward to 2020, a world in chaos, and an even more devastating life event was coming.

In November 2020, my beautiful sister Jo lost her brave battle with bowel cancer. At my lowest it became clear to me that cancer was the fight I was ready to take on, and I knew just the product to help me do it, COFFEE!

⬆️ Rob revealing Cauz as a coffee company

⬆️ The Cauz Coffee Reveal

I’m a coffee nut and simply adore the stuff.

My day starts with coffee, all social meets with friends and family would revolve around a delicious freshly ground cup. With my interest in purpose and not personal profit, I did the sums.

I could develop a fantastic quality, gorgeous, ethically sourced coffee, and dedicate 50% of the profits to fighting cancer. What about the other 50%? Well every business needs money to grow, so that’s re-invested straight back in to make a bigger difference. So Cauz Coffee is born, and in my sisters memory I will try and convince more and more of you to try our coffee, confident that you’ll love it!

You’ll be able to sip away at that scrummy latte, filter coffee, or however you choose to take it, satisfied that together were standing up to cancer and kicking it squarely in the @#&%!!

Thank you,

Rob, Cauz Founder

Thank You From Cauz

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